The 4Ss of Change

Jeremy Sutton, PhD
2 min readFeb 21, 2022

What can you build on?

Change is not always easy, things happen — obstacles are thrown in our way. Lose weight, change job, or learn to jive

And that’s ok, that’s life!

But resilience can help you recover and continue on your journey. And it doesn’t have to be too complicated — we can learn from what we’ve already done.

Carole Pemberton, in Resilience: A practical guide for coaches, suggests taking into consideration the 4Ss to identify your resilience and psychological capital to support you along your change journey.

Why not give the following a try!!

Reflect on a previously successful change (something you aced), similar to the one you are considering, and ask yourself:

  • What was that change?
  • What skills did I draw on?
  • What supports kept me upright?
  • What strategies kept me moving?
  • What sagacity (wisdom and insight) gave me comfort?

Now, having reflected on the above, use what you have learned to consider the change you would like to make:

  • What change would I like to make?
  • What skills could I draw on?
  • What supports could keep me upright?
  • What strategies could keep me moving?
  • What sagacity (wisdom and insight) might give me comfort?

Use the 4Ss to gain confidence in your abilities and use what you’ve already learned to get ready for change.

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