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Psychologist in Human Performance. Writing about positive psychology and the science of mind to better understand human potential. Owner
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Who are you now, and who are you capable of becoming?

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What is PsyCap?

While authenticity can be derailed, it can be restored

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  • Degree of trust
  • Deployment of power and politics
  • Degree of challenge
  • Not taking things for granted
  • Being brave and unafraid of failure or being different

Thinking about thinking is your brains most powerful tool

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If you believe you can, then you probably will

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  • Desire: What are you looking for? What do you want to achieve?
  • Ability: How do…

Finding your way back

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Applying lessons from therapy outside

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Self-talk and feeling your best

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Focusing attention on the relationship

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Jeremy Sutton, PhD

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